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Piano Music - A Selection of eight piano piecesl
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Contents: 1. Übungsstück, Allegro ma non troppo (1823), 2. Übungsstück, Allegretto (1824), 3. Praeludio (1827), 4. und 5. Zwei Bagatellen: Allegretto, Con moto, 6. aus op. 8 Vier Lieder für das Pianoforte Nr. 2 Andante con espressione, 7. Presto (1829), 8. Das Jahr: Juli, Larghetto (1841), 9. Das Jahr: Juli, Faksimile der Reinschrift

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To mark the bicentenary of her birth, Furore Verlag has edited and lovingly produced a volume of selected piano pieces – as a kind of birthday present for future generations, so to speak. In their multifaceted realisation of musical invention, their lyrical and elegiac expression and in the challenges they present for the pianist, each of these pieces constitutes a valuable addition to the repertoire of piano learners, piano lovers and professional pianists alike.

Series of books:
Klavierstücke von Fanny Hensel / Piano pieces by Fanny Hensel
First Publications

Vol 1: Lyrische Klavierstücke / Lyrical piano pieces  1836-39  
Andante con espressione, Andante con moto, Allegro molto vivace ma con sentimento  (3,5’/4,5’/6,5’)(MA Ms. 44) (A. Huber)

Piano pieces which the composer most probably would have indicated as „Songs without words“. Sensitive lines and richness of tone in the piano part are combined to atmospheric sensations. High degree of difficulty.

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Vol 2: Virtuose Klavierstücke / virtuosic piano pieces
Etude-Allegro con brio, Allegro di molto, Allegro grazioso

(5’/5’/5’) (MA Ms. 44) (Annegret Huber)

Three virtuoso piano pieces that show the composer’s qualities as a fabulous pianist, but do not - by means of discrete brilliance - neglect musical expression.

fue 1950    ISMN: M-50012-095-7    Euro 18,00   order 

Vol 3: Charakterstücke / character pieces
Allegro molto vivace e leggiero H-Dur, Allegro molto vivace C-Dur, Andante con moto E-Dur,
Andante espressivo Es-Dur (aus MA Ms.49) (Annegret Huber)

Zwei eher lyrische und zwei virtuose Stücke aus dem letzten Lebensjahr der jung verstorbenen Komponistin verführen zu Spekulationen, zu welchen Ausdrucks­qualitäten der kompositorische Reifeprozess Fanny Hensels noch hätte hinführen können.

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Vol 4: Übungsstücke und Etüden / exercises and etudes Heft 1
Allegro molto C-Dur, Allegro agitato g-Moll,  Presto G-Dur, Allegro moderatissimo F-Dur  (MA Ms. 33) (Annegret Huber) 

fue 2060    ISMN: M-50012-106-0    Euro 16,00   order 

Vol 5: Übungsstücke und Etüden / exercises and etudes Heft 2

Larghetto es-Moll, Allegro assai moderato G-Dur, Allegro ma non troppo C-Dur, C-Dur (MA Ms. 33) (Annegret Huber)

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Etudes which are suited for piano instruction. The first volume refers to advanced pupils (velocity, local orientation and coordination of the two hands as well as a so titled “Etude”). The exercises in Vol.2 are more easy (phrasing and stretching).

Vol 6: Frühe Klavierstücke / Early piano pieces
aus MA Ms. 34: Leichte Stücke / Easy pieces (1823/24)
Allegro ma non troppo, Übungsstück 24. Oktober, Lento ma non troppo, Andantino, Allegro molto agitato, Allegretto (Barbara Heller)

fue 1960    ISMN: M-50012-096-4    Euro 16,00   order  

Vol 7: Frühe Klavierstücke / Early piano pieces
aus MA Ms. 34:
Mittelschwere Stücke / Pieces of medium difficulty (1824)
Sonata o capriccio, Toccata, Etude (Barbara Heller)

fue 2090    ISMN: M-50012-109-1    Euro 20,00   order 

The early piano pieces are a choice of technically easy, medium difficult to rather demanding short pieces. In musical respect, every title conveys a very original and atmospheric music. They are very suitable for teaching purposes, because every title affords a playing technique of its own.

Vol 8: Klavierstücke / Piano pieces 1828-1830
Fantasia As-Dur, Presto Klavierstück a-Moll, Praeludium a-Moll, Klavierstück E-Dur, Klavierstück e-Moll (Annette Nubbemeyer)

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These five pieces are very different in character. Fanny Hensel has composed them in a very spezial time of her life: Engagement and wedding with Wilhelm Hensel and the birth of her son Sebastian.

Vol 9: Andante-Klaviersätze und Notturno napolitano
Klavierstück d-Moll (WV 4), Andante E-Dur (WV 30), Klavierstück e-Moll (WV 29), Andante h-Moll (WV 200), Andante d-Moll (WV 177), Klavierstück f-Moll (WV 202), Notturno napolitano h-Moll (WV deest), Andante A-Dur (WV 269) (Raimund Schächer)

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The piano pieces in this publication are first editions. All the pieces have a generally lyrical mood. In addition, the piano pieces WV 30, WV 177, WV 200 and WV 269 are marked with the tempo “Andante”. The centrepiece of this edition is probably the rediscovered “Notturno napolitano” in B minor, due to its great musical quality. It is also a true novelty, as it is not listed in the “Thematischen Verzeichnis der Kompositionen Fanny Hensels”.

Vol 10: Klavierstücke / Piano Pieces 1821/1824
Klavierstück g-Moll (WV 40), Klavierstück Bd ur (WV 39), Klavierstück g-Moll (WV 37), Gigue e-Moll (WV 127), Klavierstück g-Moll (WV 130), Klavierstück As-Dur (WV 41), Klavierstück f-Moll (WV 132) (Raimund Schächer)
fue 10104    ISMN: 979-0-50182-104-4    Euro 18,00   order  
These piano pieces date from the early creative periods in the years 1821 and 1824. Some demonstrate baroque “tendencies” in terms of their style. In comparison, others are composed with an altogether more romantic feel. The piano piece in F minor is in parts even reminiscent of Frédéric Chopin’s compositional style.

Vol 11: Vier Klavierstücke / 4 Piano Pieces 1823–1826)

fue 10105       ISMN: 979-0-50182-105-1    Euro 14,00      order 

Übungsstück C-Dur (WV 108), Klavierstück c-Moll (WV 116), Übungsstück c-Moll (WV 136) , Westöstlicher Redactionswalzer Fis-Dur (WV 184) (Raimund Schächer)
These piano pieces date from the early creative period in the years 1823–1826. They are études or pieces with the character of an étude. The Westöstlicher Redactionswalzer (West-Eastern Editor’s Waltz) can be considered unique among Fanny Hensel’s works for piano.4

Vol 12: Klavierstücke / Piano Pieces

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Series: Piano Pieces by Fanny Hensel Vol. 12
Contents: Fuga Es-Dur, Klavierstück a-Moll – Allegro molto, Klavierstück e-Moll – Tempo di Scherzo, Klavierstück a-Moll [Fragment]
First publications
Raimund Schächer (Hg./Ed.)
The piano works printed in this edition point the different styles of Fanny Hensel: The Fuga Es-Dur returns to the baroque form, the piano piece in A minor is a demanding concert piece, similar to the piano piece E minor with a fragmentary ending. The piano piece A minor in the appendix is a fragmentary early work, composed by Fanny Hensel at the age of 15.

Das Jahr (47’) / The year 1841
12 character pieces for piano
(Liana Gavrila Serbescu/ Barbara Heller/ Ayako Suga-Maack).
Second revised edition, First publication

Facsimile see books

fue 1380    ISMN:M-50012-038-4    Euro 49,00   order 

The piano cycle „The Year“– quite an obvious subject but still without example in the history of music when it was composed in 1841 – was published for the first time in 1989 and is probably Fanny Hensel’s most adopted work. During the preparation of the 2nd edition presented here, we were surprised to find another source in the form of an illustrated fair copy. This revised version could be used as a valuable basis for the revision. Both the structure of composition, highlighting particularly the contours of the cyclic course of the year, and the piano setting are examples of the composer’s mature personal style. By changing between virtuoso, lyric, song-like and solemn characters, the piece combines various levels of difficulty in an overall demanding piano work. Single pieces from the cycle can well be performed separately.

Prélude for piano
(Rosario Marciano)

First publication

fue 1360    ISMN: M-50012-036-0    Euro 5,50   order

A composition by Fanny Hensel which reflects her great affection for Bach. This is a work of remarkable power and feeling. 

Sonate g-Moll for piano
(Liana G. Serbescu und Barbara Heller) First publication

fue 1460    ISMN: M-50012-046-9    Euro 16,00   order 

Piano Sonata written in 1843.

Sonate c-Moll und Sonatensatz E-Dur for piano
(Liana G. Serbescu und Barbara Heller) Erstveröffentlichung

fue 1470    ISMN: M-50012-047-6    Euro 18,00   order 

Composed in 1824 and 1822. Medium difficulty

Vier Lieder ohne Worte op. 8 / Songs without words for piano
(Eva Rieger)

fue 1420    ISMN: M-50012-042-1    Euro 12,00    order   

Fanny Hensel was in her element as a Lied composer. With her singingly eloquent character pieces for piano she became the „inventor” of the genre of the „song without words” – a term which she herself, however, did not employ.

Zwei Bagatellen  / 2 bagatelles for piano
(Barbara Heller)

fue 1230    ISMN: M-50012-023-0    Euro 6,00    order

Two easy pieces well suited for piano lessons. Prefaced by Diether de la Motte’s fascinating analysis.



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