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Adagio (1823)
for violin and piano (R. Marciano)
First publication

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Composed as theme with variations the juvenile beat of this Adagio is a quasi Larghetto. The piano accompaniment shows chromatic lines of some originality. Hensel leaves behind the classical and romantic sense of scales and seems to envision tone-colour instead.

Adagio (1823)
arranged for viola and piano (B. & S. Kalinowsky)

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The simple, wonderfully romantic theme of the Adagio rises above the delicate, chromatic accompaniment.



Klavierquartett As-Dur
for violin, viola, violoncello and piano
(Renate Eggebrecht-Kupsa)
First publication

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In 1822 the Mendelssohns established weekly matinées which became well-known. For the young siblings these occasions offered opportunities to perform their own compositions. In 1822 Felix and Fanny composed a pianoquartet each with brilliant piano parts.

Streichquartett Es-Dur
(R. Eggebrecht-Kupsa)
First publication 2. revised edition

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fue 1211    ISMN: M-50012-204-3    Parts    Euro 20,00   order  

fue 1212    ISMN: M-50012-205-0    Score    Euro 18,00   order

First edition for performance of the previously unpublished string quartet. “Never in music before Liszt and Wagner (Fanny died 9 years before „Tristan and Isolde“) I have found such creative questioning of classical harmony.” (Diether de la Motte).



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