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Zwei Bagatellen

First published
(Barbara Heller]

Two easy pieces, well suited for piano lessons. With an exciting analysis by Diether de la Motte.
“”You beautiful witch, always you are there, but never I can grasp you”. With this image, scholar and educator Diether de la Motte concludes his “Analysis of Musical Experience” that precedes the edition, his personal approach to the first of the two bagatelles. The “intangible” here is the gently flowing melody that glides through different keys without beginning or end, as it were. The second piece also brings surprising melodic and harmonic turns.

The composer wrote both bagatelles for the students of the Schindelmeiser Music Institute, founded in 1835, and consequently for once she dispensed with virtuoso brilliance. The short, very transparently set pieces are therefore well suited for lessons, even if they are not entirely without pitfalls in clean voice leading (roughly comparable in difficulty to the easier ones of the Lieder ohne Worte by Bruder Felix).”
Swiss music journal Animato No.4, 1995


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ISMN: 979-0-50012-023-0
Euro 6,00 

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