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Series: Piano Pieces by Fanny Hensel

Volume 1: Lyrical piano pieces (1836-39)
Andante con espressione, Andante con moto, Allegro molto vivace ma con sentimento (3,5’/4,5’/6,5′)(MA Ms. 44) (A. Huber)

Three piano pieces which the composer would most probably have called songs without words. Sensitive lines and a sonorous piano movement combine to create atmospheric experiences. Higher degree of difficulty.

fue 1940    ISMN: 979-50012-094-0    Euro 16,00   order here  

Volume 2: Virtuoso Piano Pieces (1838)
Etude-Allegro con brio, Allegro di molto, Allegro grazioso
(5’/5’/5′) (MA Ms. 44) (Annegret Huber)

Three virtuoso piano pieces testify to the composer’s qualities as a dazzling pianist who, however, does not neglect musical expression above discreet outward brilliance.

fue 1950    ISMN: 979-50012-095-7    Euro 18,00    order here 

Volume 3: Character pieces
Allegro molto vivace e leggiero B major, Allegro molto vivace C major, Andante con moto E major,
Andante espressivo E flat major (from MA Ms.49) (Annegret Huber)

Two rather lyrical and two virtuoso pieces from the last year of the composer’s life, when she died young, lead to speculation about the expressive qualities to which Fanny Hensel’s process of compositional maturity might still have led.

fue 2080    ISMN: 979-50012-108-4    Euro 16,00   order here

Volume 4: Exercises and Etudes Book 1
Allegro molto C major, Allegro agitato G minor, Presto G major, Allegro moderatissimo F major (MA Ms. 33) (Annegret Huber)

fue 2060    ISMN: 979-50012-106-0    Euro 16,00   order here 

Volume 5: Exercises and Etudes Book 2

Larghetto E flat minor, Allegro assai moderato G major, Allegro ma non troppo C major, C major (MA Ms. 33) (Annegret Huber)

fue 2070    ISMN: 979-50012-107-7    Euro 16,00   order here 

“Practice pieces” by the young composer as teaching literature.
Booklet 1 is intended for advanced students (fluency training, spatial orientation and coordination of the hands, as well as an “Etude”).
Booklet 2 contains somewhat easier phrasing and stretching exercises.

Volume 6: Early Piano Pieces
from MA Ms. 34: Easy Pieces (1823/24)
Allegro ma non troppo, Practice piece 24 October, Lento ma non troppo, Andantino, Allegro molto agitato, Allegretto (Barbara Heller)

fue 1960    ISMN: 979-50012-096-4    Euro 16,00   order here  

Volume 7: Early Piano Pieces
from MA Ms. 34: pieces of medium difficulty (1824)
Sonata o capriccio, Toccata, Etude (Barbara Heller)

fue 2090    ISMN: 979-50012-109-1    Euro 20,00    order here 

The early piano pieces are a selection of technically easy, moderately difficult to quite demanding short pieces. Original and atmospheric music. Very suitable for lessons, as each piece requires a unique playing technique.

Volume 8: Piano pieces 1828-1830
Fantasia A-flat major, Presto Piano Piece A minor, Praeludium A minor, Piano Piece E major, Piano Piece E minor (Annette Nubbemeyer)

fue 4310    ISMN: 979-50012-931-8    Euro 15,00  order here

These five piano pieces, very different in character, originate from a creative phase in which the composer’s life circumstances changed greatly: Engagement and marriage to Wilhelm Hensel and the birth of her son Sebastian.

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