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Anniversary edition on the occasion of her 200th birthday.

Foreword by Frauke Grimmer.
Special edition for the 200th birthday

Contents: 1st Practice Piece, Allegro ma non troppo (1823), 2nd Practice Piece, Allegretto (1824), 3rd Praeludio (1827), 4th + 5th Two Bagatelles, 6th Song op. 8 No. 2 Andante con espressione, 7th Presto (1829), 8th The Year: July, Larghetto (1841), 9th The Year: July, Facsimile of the fair copy

Among the approximately 450 surviving compositions by Fanny Hensel, a large number are dedicated to the piano. To commemorate the 200th birthday of the composer, who was only discovered late in life, Furore Verlag has edited a lovingly designed volume of selected piano pieces which, in the richness of their musical ideas, their lyrical and elegiac gestures and their pianistic challenges, are an enrichment for the repertoire of piano students, adult enthusiasts and professional pianists.

“Not every year offers spectacular anniversaries, but Frauke Grimmer dares to look into the future: for Furore Verlag she has edited a selection of Fanny Hensel’s piano pieces with colourful facsimile for her 200th birthday.”
(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 2.4.04)

fue 2005
ISMN: 979-0-50012-021-6
Euro 10,00

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